Wednesday, May 31, 2017

its not easy

For me, growing up, my favorite was Kermit.
I wanted to be him and marry Piggy.
(I was 5 cut me some slack lol)

He always said it is not easy being green.
I imagine that it is not easy.
That's what a lot of you say to me:
Mike, It is not easy to make sales.
Internet Marketing is hard.

I might have agreed with you,
but the fact is it got much simpler.
So what do you need to be a success?

You need to build a list.
You need to email that list.
You need to offer value to that list.
You need to offer products that help them.

That is really all there is to it in a nut shell.
So why isn't everyone filthy rich yet?

Building a list takes time and effort.
You need to know where to get traffic...
You need to be able to write amazing emails.
You really need a pro copy writer working with you.

Why? Because the people you email are likely
on tons of lists so you need great copy to be seen.
You need to offer value, tips, training or bonuses.
(Bonuses can be ebooks, videos, tutorials, etc...)

And then you need high converting offers.
So what you are looking for is all in the video below
And it is all done for you.

The cool part is you can try out the whole done for you
system for just a buck with this special link

If you want to finally make money online this is the right system.
Brendan Mace hired a pro copyrighter.
He and his team will make bonus pages for you.
The pro copy writer made Facebook ads and emails for you.
All you need to do is build a list (which is in the training section)

So I wish you much success.

Mike Allen

Thursday, May 11, 2017


So you have a website.
Or maybe you are an affiliate?
How do you drive traffic?

Here are my top ten traffic sources
(in no particular order)

10. This blog. Hey you are reading it so that is a sign
something is working, right? I repost this to my page
on FB, and pin it to Pinterest... Google brings me
people as well. Just the other day a solo ad vendor
said that he still gets traffic from a post I made back
in December of 2016....

9. My email list. I have built it from conversations
on Warrior Forum, solo ads, conversations on FB.
I consider this a great place to give stuff away and
suggest tools that will make their life easier.

8. Facebook ads. I have made a couple sales with
this method. I have had some success with boosting
posts and with regular ads, but did not do well with Video ads.
(Not that it can't be done, I just haven't done it yet.)

7. Article marketing: I had recently written an article for
Ezinearticles. I am still waiting for approval, but when I
got there it said I had been getting traffic to a site I have not
visited since 2008. All from the article I wrote back then.

6. Solo ads. You have to be very careful with this. There
are some great trustworthy folks and some that are
scam artists. If you look back to that post from 2010
you will see some I trust. I have more people now, so
I may update soon with additional people. If you do not
know what this is, you pay someone to send you clicks.

5. Clickbanking. When you have an email list started this
is a great way to get extra people. You go to a clickbanking
group on FB and ask people to swap traffic with you. You send
X clicks then they send X back...

4. Twitter. I have found if you find people who need
the solution you are offering, this can be mutually beneficial.
I.E. if they tweet they want to quit smoking and you offer
a PDF or Video on how to quit smoking that suggests a
product you are selling, you both win.

3. Facebook Groups. You can talk to people in any number
of groups. You can create a group as well. If you give lots of
quality to them, they will become like family. You can also
talk people up in groups that are related to something you sell.
Everyone known about how I was on a leaderboard for an
important launch by promoting a Kindle marketing product to
Kindle Groups.

2. Pinterest. I pin my blog and my videos. People find me
who are targeted to me. They searched for my topic when
they found me. It is a trickle of my traffic but highly focused
and interested.

1. Youtube. You can visit my channel here.  
Feel free to check out all the free videos. Some are
product suggestions but some are tutorials. You can see my subscribes are
low but my views are higher... More about that another day

I hope you find these helpful. I will do some more in depth stuff
on these. But I hope the overview helps inspire you.

Mike Allen

Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the Fourth

If you know me, then you know I am a StarWars nerd...
When I was 2 years old I have vague memories of seeing
Star Wars a New Hope in the Drive in.
Yes I am old but stay with me :)

I remember being terrified of a 90 foot tall Darth Vader.
The Dark Side is strong and can be anywhere.
I must admit I was seduced by the Dark Side.

In Internet Marketing: The Dark Side is
Chasing after "Shiny objects,"
Buying Software expecting push button results
(which they claim on the sales page)
Expecting and trying to get some field of dreams
traffic solution or some secret flood of buyers.
Maybe you have chased after these things?

If you are like me then you did and did NOT get
the results that the sales page claimed you would...
This is frustrating
and this is why many people quit or fail...

Even worse this is the designed plan on the Dark Side!
They want you to fail just enough to try
one more item that they are selling.
This makes me angry but I don't give into hate
that leads to...

Never mind movie quotes.
My friend Brendan Mace,
he was mad about that too and figured
out how to use the light side.

He makes his money online and then teaches.
Most "gurus" make their money teaching.
I.E. they have theories but no proof of practice.
Brendan is the real deal.
You might say he is a New Hope.
He was for me...

I started learning from him about 5 months ago.
And about 2 months ago he taught me
what is now in his 10x Commissions class.
It has increased my conversions and sales.
It is about giving value over trying to get something.

This is something that works and is making
him 10k/month. His income proofs are on his blog
Does that mean you will make 10k/month?
Maybe. (Just being honest.)
I have no idea if you will follow what he says
or if you will take action or how much...
But even if you had 10% of that wouldn't it
make a huge difference?
And what he teaches very few people are doing.
The people making the most money online are
using this same system (or similar).

So I would encourage people who want a solid
course that they can use for the rest of their
online career, instead of jumping from
course to course and spending tons of money....
The course I would suggest, for new people
or even seasoned people wanting to ramp up...

10X Commissions

I wish you the best and the people who grab it through me will get
my special bonus training "Money Talks."

No matter what, I hope you will stop chasing
push button riches or the like. They do not exist.
I wish you much success.

Mike Allen

Image result for 10x commissions image

Monday, May 1, 2017

Want More?

Do you want more?
Nothing wrong with wanting good things
More Money? Sure.
More Love/? You betcha.
More cake? well probably.

In marketing, more can be good too.
It is not about trying to get more...
It is about giving more.

JFK said, "Ask not what your country
can do for you, but what you can do
for your country."

Zig Ziglar said it as, "You can everything
you want if you help enough people get
what they want."

The idea is you don't get paid to sell,
you get paid to give value.
The more value you add to someone's life,
the more they will want to buy from you.
Instead of focusing on what you can get,
focus on what you can give.

That is the spirit of 10X Commissions.
Brendan mace, who always gives to
the community at large as put out
a product about giving and making more
than if you were just selling stuff.

 So check out the bonuses.
Over $1,000 worth of marketing materials
all free to you if you grab 10X Commissions.

You can also check out the backroom.
Want to know what the course is about?
Click over to my Youtube review

Thanks for your time
Mike Allen

 10x commissions