Thursday, April 6, 2017


Nothing worse than being rejected.
From that crush when you were a teen
down to the restaurant where you dined.
That last one may be a super bad one

So when marketers first come on the scene
they have this exact same problem!
You have to be approved to promote products.
In order to get approval you have to have sales made.

 So if you want to sell a good product
that is super helpful to your list
You have to already have sales.
It circles and spins until you give up.
Sometimes you can find someone
who will just give you a chance.

So here are my tips on how to avoid
the marketers rejection.

Don't blind side them with your request.
This means you have to plan in advance...
You can see what future launches are coming up
by checking the calendar at warrior plus or jvzoo.
Even better (and surprisingly more accurate)

Often Muncheye knows before Jvzoo or W+
list it in the calendar.  But any of those will help.

Anyway, find a product. Look at the sales page and
JV page. If you are going to promote it, you need to
know as much as possible.
You can also look at the vendor (person selling)
and see if their other products did well.

But then once you know who they are, look them up.
Find them on FB and in a CLASSY way (phrase stolen
from the great Justin Spencer) introduce yourself.
Be honest.
Don't claim you have a list if you do not.

Let them know what you intend to do to market their product.
Be as specific as you can so they know you are serious.
Review videos are a subject I will probably do a whole
separate post on, but these are good.
Ask for a review copy so that you can be specific
in your review without sounding like you are lying.

People can tell if you are genuine, so be genuine.

You may also do a blog post or mail whatever list you do have.
If you keep trying eventually someone will say yes.
I have been very blessed to have been accepted for almost
everything I have offered to promote.

Most of my success comes from promoting Brendan Mace products.
He puts out awesome quality products.
He also has a good heart and gives newbies a chance.
If you put in the effort and have a good marketing plan,
you are bound to run into someone like him.
He may even help you get started.

If you get a chance, the two guys I have mentioned in this post:
Justin Spencer and Brendan Mace, are both worth following
learning from and promoting! Quality guys with integrity.
That can be hard to find in this market so remember it well :)

Brendan introduced me to another quality guy.
(Virtually introduced.)
Michael Cheney.
You probably already know the name of the guy
who makes $3200 a day with Online Marketing.

He is the guy who has 8 sales funnels that have made
him over 6 million dollars. Over a million per year.
I ended up grabbing one of his courses, Commissionology.

It gave me access to promote those same 8 funnels and
If you haven't heard of commissionology, I will say it
helps with the original problem.

Remember the rejection problem?
yeah me too....
All those wasted teenage years....
Oh yeah... marketing rejection for newbies.

So Comissionology helps the newbies in a big way.
It guarantees you access to promote Cheney's 8 funnels
and in total it is like 30 products.
but it does get better.

Mike, how am I going to promote those high converting
amazing products to my non existent list??
Cheney remembers what it was like to struggle and
he wanted to make something straight up fool proof.
So he made commissionology.

In addition to access to promote:
he gives you 440 promos and his future promos.
I.E. he is giving you the exact email to send that
made him over 6 million with these funnels.

And now I know the last objection you have:
Don't know how to get traffic to those funnels?
Mike Cheney teaches you a free traffic method
inside the members area of Commissionology.
You can also see traffic tips here or in my new
mastermind group
(The group is no selling or self promotion, just people
helping people get traffic.)

To sum up :
To get accepted you can introduce yourself
to the seller and let him know you are about to
request permission to promote him (or her).
You can make review videos, write promos, and posts
or you can have it all done for you with commissionology.

Either way I wish you success
Mike Allen

the little guy makes money