Tuesday, March 14, 2017

5k Publishing Paydays Review

Have you ever wanted to be an author or publisher?
Have you ever wanted to make thousands of dollars extra each month?
What if I told you you could make 5k per month or more from Kindle Publishing?

Here is the link the the 1 hour+ Bonus training:

This new course, 5k publishing paydays teaches you how to do just that.
Mike Temples and Brendan Mace just released this new product.
It is a video course (that I have watched, learned and implemented from)
Teaches anyone, regardless of experience, how to profit from Kindle.
5k Publishing paydays is newbie friendly.

Did you know Amazon owns Kindle?
Did you also know Amazon is the largest search engine for buyers?
When people search Google or Youtube (the two largest search engines)
they sometimes want to buy but mostly they are looking for info.
When people search for you on Amazon (Kindle) they are looking to buy...
5k publishing paydays teaches you how to make that sale.

So this course, 5k publishing paydays,  teaches you
  step by step how to find profitable areas.
They also teach how to outsource anything that is not your strong suit.
If you can't write a book or design a cover there are people
 who can do that for you.
You just have to put the work into setting it up and let the buyers find you.

5k Publishing Paydays gets 4.5 out of 5 stars from me.
I felt it could have said more about how to get reviews.
So One of my bonus videos is how to get reviews.
Check out all the bonuses here:

I wish you great publishing success:
Mike Allen - Author of the Afterlife or Something Like It

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Giving it Away

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The method just involves giving stuff away
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Friday, March 3, 2017

What does Freedom Mean (PT 1)

This weekend I am heading to Vegas:

Sounds like fun but I am actually heading there for a funeral.
My Best friend's dad has passed away.
He was a great man and will be missed.

This got me to thinking about any number of things.

Life is short.
take advantage of every opportunity before it is gone.

I should have visited more.
When I die, will I be saying how I wish I could have worked more?

So live a life you love.
Live a life you don't need a vacation from.
You may only go around once.

Take time for the ones you love while you still can.
Cherish the moments with loved ones.
Get time and money freedom.
Think about your "why."

"Everyone dies but not all truly live."

The best I can say is make the most you can.
Work hard, but have a balance between work and life.
When you die, have no regrets.

Freedom to me is the freedom to pay my bills
spend time with those I love,
rest when I am weary
And actually have fun.

I hope we can all grow closer in 2017 and
I hope we all can make the changes and
positive actions to work those plans
until we are successful.

Success is having the freedom to live: