Wednesday, February 8, 2017

When Free Traffic is not Free 

                                         When is free not free?When it comes with a cost!
Your time is more valuable than money. Do you remember the movie "Willy Wonka?"

Remember how he wanted to sell the Golden Ticket? He knew he wanted money and was willing to trade something of more value for that money. It would have been a bad trade. He would have lost out on his own factory because he wanted the simple results.

You have a very limited life span. 100 years if you are in great health, lucky or whatever.
They make more money every day. I believe in abundance over scarcity. Everyone can achieve their dreams if they help enough people. Money is better to give up than your life. The point is to have the money to live your life. You were meant to do more than pay bills and die.

So free traffic is awesome. I love it. The problem is that it is very unpredictable. When it comes to money, unpredictable is less than desirable. So free traffic is a nice bonus on top of whatever you do for your daily business.

Have you ever seen any of the "big" companies using free methods? If you want big results you will have to think bigger. In an upcoming post I will be looking at making some free methods work, but right now I am saying take control of your business.

Grow your list. You have heard since day one (probably minute one) that the money is in the list. This is still just as true as it was the first day of internet marketing. You need a way to educate people, build relationships and stay in contact. So where can you get these people?

You can get traffic from following people on social media and hoping they follow you back. You can post amazing content and pray that someone sees it. Or you can grab some paid traffic. I am no expert on PPC, Google, or FB ads...

So I turned to solo ads. They send me people and they sign up to my list. It is simple enough for me, a college dropout, to master. If I spend 50 cents, I need to be sure I make a dollar. If I make more than that is a bonus. You need to see how well your site converts and how well your ads convert.

So when you make your sales page (squeeze page or landing page) and send people to your autoresponder. (All training on that is in my free e-course Make $100 a day with social Media at You need to see how many people you have to send to get them to join your list. I.E. if you send 100 people to your landing page, how many click and sign up. That number is your conversion percentage. You want to work with pages converting at 50% or more.

So if 50 people join and, as an example, 10 people by your $7.00 product.... You would make $70 minus whatever you spent to get those people there. If you can make your sales page convert better, you can profit quickly. If you can get more than 50 to sign up, you also succeed faster.

Let's take the example of 50 cents per click. For 100 people that is $50. In our example that is 70 minus 50 or a profit of $20. How many times would you spend 50 to make 70? It is a no brainer.

I definitely suggest Using the solo ad sellers listed above:
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To your success

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