Monday, January 2, 2017

Free Laser Targeted Traffic

Ever want to have people come to your site? isn't that what online marketing is all about?
I have spent money trying to get some laser targeted traffic to my site. In my last post
 I covered some great paid resources.
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So today I want to reveal a super secret source. It is Free. It is long term.
It is popular. The most important part is: if you do it right it is

To be honest, it is all of that but not super secret.
  You probably already guessed that I am talking about
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So why is Pinterest so great?
The boards are all topical.
If you have never been on Pinterest (it has 110 million monthly active users)
It is like a bulletin board and you can pin pictures to it.
When people click the pictures it will take them to your site or blog.
You can Pin videos too.

***BONUS TIP*** You can ramp up several methods by doing a blog post with a 
video and pinning the video and the blog. 

Why do I say it is laser targeted? The boards are topical as I said.
So if you only follow people and boards related to your topic, then it
stands to reason that they have interest in your topic.

If they click through, they are likely to join your list and maybe even buy.
You do not have to convince them to be interested in your topic because
they arrived at your site because of their interest in your topic.
They key is to have attractive thumbnails or images so they want to click through.
Then when they get there, hit them with lots of quality information.

One of my friends made over 10k in the last year and she claimed that the majority of
 her traffic came from  Pinterest.

My suggestions for starting? Create at least 5 boards related to your niche and then pin at least 10 things to each. Then follow boards and people in your niche. If you know who the "big dogs" are in your niche look for them there. I specifically looked for James Scholes and Brendan Mace because I know they are leaders in the Making Money Online communities.... As you follow people, some will follow you back. Pin their stuff and they might pin yours too. Go be social!
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