Monday, January 30, 2017

How to rank higher on Youtube:

So, Youtube has a billion users: That is a very large market of free traffic to consider. Do you like free traffic? Do you like when people come free and targeted? That is the power of Youtube and the power of a billion users. There is room enough for lots of people to make lots of money with this free traffic source.

So here are 5 tips to rank higher on Youtube:

1. Make sure the file you are uploading has the word or phrase you are targeting in it.
If you are ranking for unicorn ponies (i.e. not likely a phrase you are ranking for so not everyone will copy) then upload a file unicorn-ponies.mp4. You can use whatever file extension is appropriate.

2. Use the key word or phrase that you are targeting in your Title, description and tags.
So Your title could be Unicorn Ponies, or Unicorn Ponies review. Your description should be 200-500 words and sprinkle in the phrase Unicorn Ponies. (Obviously change it to whatever you are actually after. Please do not copy this phrase literally into your description.) The tags could be Unicorn Ponies, Unicorn Ponies Review, Name of the Creator of Unicorn Ponies, etc...

3. Post your Youtube video to all of your Social media accounts.
There are share buttons underneath your video. use as many as you can. Get anyone from your list to share this if you can. The more social shares the more Youtube will believe you are relevant.

4. Engage your audience. In your video ask them for likes and shares. Encourage them to leave a comment or question. Answer these as quickly as you can. The longer they watch and the more they click like or subscribe, the more Youtube will believe you are relevant and rank you higher.

5. Use a good booster. I personally use this software to rank higher (often on page one.) It is safe as long as you wait until the video has been up 24 hours. If you wait too long after that, Youtube will have already decided if you are relevant and it may be hard to rank. If you use it too soon you may set off a SPAM filter. Free traffic has a price :)

The software is called Vidlyft. It is not a free tool, but it is very inexpensive. I suggest the starter version unless you are sure you want to use it on a lot of videos.
I suggest anyone who really wants to get a lot of free traffic from Youtube grab this up.
You can still use all the other free tips as well. If you do use the software I suggest you optimize it with the suggestions in the first 4 tips before using the software.

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Mike Allen

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Why do you want to make five figures a month?

I guess it may be a weird question for some.
Brendan Mace and Justin Spencer just released a new product:
It is called five figure freedom:
It is Nine videos (about an hour and a half)
and it legitimately shows you how to make five figures...
Monthly instead of annually.

But the question I pose is what does that Freedom mean to you?
Would you pay off bills?
Spend more time with your kids?
Programs will come and go, and none of them will work...
if you don't take action.

At some point you have to figure what is important.
Money is only a means to an end.
What will you do? When it gets hard what will drive you?

So think of what your dreams are and how you can achieve them.
One method is the product here:
And I do believe in it. I believe in the owners of the product
I was able to get a copy of it before everyone else.

So will it work if you are new?
yes it is simple and it is a video series.
If you are experienced it may seem too basic, but you may want the upgrades
You  can get a call from Millionaire Justin Spencer
I believe both have coaching as an upgrade. Well worth it.

Is it expensive?
I think the price is well worth what you get:
A Millionaire showing you his method.
If you take action you can easily achieve these results.
The price is $9 as of this writing. This is ridiculously cheap
for a millionaire to walk you through his process.

So really it is just a matter of if you think it is worth it
to have a blueprint for success.
If so grab it here and get extra bonuses
Either way I want to see you meet your goals in 2017
and I hope to be a help along the way

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

3 "GURUS" You Actually need to follow in 2017

Hey, Mike Allen here.

I know there are tons of scam artists out there and
I always want to help you avoid them.
That is why I posted about the Top Ten Trustworthy Solo Ad Sellers

I want you to avoid the pitfalls and reach success in 2017.
I know you must have goals and I want to help you achieve them.
So I hope you will follow me (all the links are on the left)
You can follow this blog, me on any social media, or grab my free e-course.

But I am not one of the three "GURUS". I wouldn't even call myself that.
As it is the three people I suggest you follow are ones that probably
would not use that word either. But these guys know their stuff!

So here is the big reveal and in no particular order:

Justin Spencer's Profile Photo

Justin Spencer 


Justin is killing it in the Solo Ad industry. If he ever comes out with a blueprint on how to sell
in this industry you can bet it will be a best seller. If you want to make 5 and 6 figures, 
this is one of the leading guys to teach you how to do it. I suggest checking out his site.
You can grab lots of freebies and great education. He has definitely made lots of money
online, but more importantly his students have too.


James Scholes's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person 

James Scholes

James does all kinds of teaching on his blog and youtube. He tries to find ways you can
get traffic and make money for free. Want to increase your website traffic? 
James knows a ton of secrets and he shares so many of them... He created the 
Evergreen Wealth Formula. If he gives away this much free quality content imagine
what is behind his pay wall... Not to give too much away but you want to check out
his e-course and find out if you can get a hold of his same day paid method.

Finally: (One of my favorite people)

Brendan Mace's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person, smiling 

Brendan Mace

Brendan is a humble teacher. He travels all over the world but never brags about it.
He is all about teaching and inspiring people. If his name is on a project,
you can bet it is good quality information. He excels in teaching people how to 
make money online, but he likes to do it with little effort. His book, "Zero Hour Work Days"
Was a best seller at the end of 2016. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with this year.

So that's my short list. These are guys who are well respected and trustworthy. You can get
amazing great quality information from these three all the time. They have done it, they
have been there and they are willing to help.

If you are looking for traffic to your website, free traffic, paid traffic, whatever...
Any of these three can help you.
We will continue to explore all the ways you can get traffic to your site

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No sign up, just grab it. Thanks for reading and I look forward to posting more
about free traffic, paid traffic and any traffic that makes you money online.
To your success in 2017:

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bluebird Review - Free Traffic from Twitter

Mike Allen here with an update on how you can get some free traffic from
one of the largest social networks on AUTOPILOT!

I am talking about the new software (wordpress plugin) Bluebird.
I have been using it for a couple weeks and get regular traffic.
Want to get free hits to your website, blog or affiliate link?
watch this video and then check out the link below for more info.

Thanks for watching and click the  resource link

P.S. If you grab this through me you will get a free copy of e-Book "Twitter Profits".

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Free Laser Targeted Traffic

Ever want to have people come to your site? isn't that what online marketing is all about?
I have spent money trying to get some laser targeted traffic to my site. In my last post
 I covered some great paid resources.
If you missed it click here

So today I want to reveal a super secret source. It is Free. It is long term.
It is popular. The most important part is: if you do it right it is

To be honest, it is all of that but not super secret.
  You probably already guessed that I am talking about
Click the link if you want to follow me there. I'll follow back.

So why is Pinterest so great?
The boards are all topical.
If you have never been on Pinterest (it has 110 million monthly active users)
It is like a bulletin board and you can pin pictures to it.
When people click the pictures it will take them to your site or blog.
You can Pin videos too.

***BONUS TIP*** You can ramp up several methods by doing a blog post with a 
video and pinning the video and the blog. 

Why do I say it is laser targeted? The boards are topical as I said.
So if you only follow people and boards related to your topic, then it
stands to reason that they have interest in your topic.

If they click through, they are likely to join your list and maybe even buy.
You do not have to convince them to be interested in your topic because
they arrived at your site because of their interest in your topic.
They key is to have attractive thumbnails or images so they want to click through.
Then when they get there, hit them with lots of quality information.

One of my friends made over 10k in the last year and she claimed that the majority of
 her traffic came from  Pinterest.

My suggestions for starting? Create at least 5 boards related to your niche and then pin at least 10 things to each. Then follow boards and people in your niche. If you know who the "big dogs" are in your niche look for them there. I specifically looked for James Scholes and Brendan Mace because I know they are leaders in the Making Money Online communities.... As you follow people, some will follow you back. Pin their stuff and they might pin yours too. Go be social!
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