Monday, December 26, 2016

Top 10 Trustworthy Solo Ad Sellers

Once you have your sales funnel set up. You will be ready to send traffic to it. If you are still struggling with your sales funnel click here , Sales Funnel Magic!

Otherwise you may want to test with some reliable paid traffic sources. If you tried some of those "thousands of hits" for cheap you may have noticed the sound of crickets. Your hit meter moves but no sign ups and no sales... This is because most of that is automated software (bots.) What you need is Real traffic with Real people coming to your site.

This list is of people who send Real traffic:
I made this list based on a few factors. Do they have good reviews? Do those reviews report sales? Do they have good customer service? Is their traffic mostly Tier 1 (US, Canada and UK)... So let us look at who we have:

Wilfred Bakker
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Stefano Pierro

"We continue you To improve To give you our best service because your satisfaction is our best Revenue " - Stefano
Enrico Lugnan
Jasdeep Singh Jandu
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"I believe in an industry where a lot of corners are cut the need for someone to step up and be a genuine help for people to grow their business was required. With that being said, I set on a mission to provide the highest quality traffic in the industry, and help people achieve their goals. I set about building my list with the upmost care and specificity and created a sales-focused traffic service. I have been fortunate enough to work with over 500 clients and hope to help many more in the coming weeks, months and years!" - Jasdeep
Marvin Adams
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Aaron Bradley
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"Providing top quality to my clients is my #1 priority. Contact me to get your discount and see how you can get 50 free clicks over and over again." - Aaron
Kenny Tan
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Anton Khatsanovich
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"When I started my online venture, I quickly understood that driving targeted and quality traffic is the key to making sales. However, it is easier said than done. I'm sure you'll agree that it's hard to find an honest and reputable traffic vendor. I personally been a victim of scammers that took my money and at best submitted my links to traffic exchanges or bots. As you may have guessed, bots don't buy - people do. Over the years I found sources for quality traffic and I've built a really responsive list. And recently I've decided to help other marketers by providing them with the best quality solo ads. I am honored to be one of the trustworthy sellers selected by Traffic-Tutor, and I am looking forward of serving you at " - Anton

Daniel Whitaker
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Sarah Chew
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"Looking For High Converting, Reliable, Honest Solo Ad Traffic? Take the advantages of... Sarah's HIGH Quality Premium Class Traffic To help you grow your list of Highly Responsive Subscribers, generate Consistent Sales, explode your profits & take your business to the Next Exciting Level! ...Are you ready to SKYROCKET YOUR INCOME?
Reach me at:
Skype: sarahchew987
Salespage: "-Sarah

These folks will treat you right. I had the most good reviews for the top 2. Some have video testimonials etc... These ten seem to be the top sellers and they give good quality hits. If you want more traffic info or you want my free e-course "Make $100 a day with Social Media Marketing" check me out at HTTP://TRAFFIC-TUTOR.COM

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